Celebrate Recovery UK Conference

The Celebrate Recovery UK Conference is held every other year. The conference is a celebration of Christ-centred recovery and brings all participants together for a fun, engaging day.

Celebrate Recovery Conference 2023

The Celebrate Recovery Conference 2023 took place in Derby on the 7th October 2023.

Thank you to everyone for coming; some travelled many miles to join the Celebrate Recovery UK
family. It was good to be together.

The event was aimed at our Celebrate Recovery (CR) leaders and participants as well as church leaders investigating the programme for their own churches.

Someone who had been considering running CR commented:

“Because of this conference, I’m closer to starting a Celebrate Recovery group.”

One CR leader said the day had provided:

“Time to reflect on what makes our CR group successful.”

We covered a lot of content and most people appreciated the variety of speakers, testimonies and interaction.

Someone summed up the day with this reflection:

“I liked that there was some fun as well as the serious stuff.”

The Order of the Day

This year’s conference was opened with a time of worship; this is a key element of Celebrate Recovery, keeping us looking to Jesus for hope, healing and help. With a packed programme, our UK Director, Tony Turner, kicked off our first session by modelling a CR General Meeting Night. The Large Group Time included a powerful testimony from Liam. We then had some fun with role play, modelling a badly run Open Share Group meeting (with Tony sneaking into the women’s group!) to highlight some common mistakes, before modelling a correctly run group which followed the small group guidelines for safe sharing.

Session 2 focused on ‘7 Keys’ to starting a Celebrate Recovery group and keeping it growing. Catherine Robinson (North East & Scotland Rep) organised a game of word ‘Bingo’ during our focus on CR’s ‘7 Unique Features’ led by Kath Leigh (North West & N.Ireland Rep) and Val Turner; this ensured that delegates were glued to every word spoken. Later, Catherine took us on the journey to recovery; our lost and heavily burdened actor – Kath – was encouraged along the path to recovery with Jesus leading the way.

After lunch, we looked at the practicalities of starting a CR ministry following the 90-day kick-off strategy, before discussing around our tables the important qualities of a Celebrate Recovery leader – in ‘Top Trumps’ style. Other sessions included sponsoring people through the eight principles, and the top 10 hints from CR leaders for keeping a CR group thriving.

It was great to hear from Andy Townsend, a Celebrate Recovery UK Trustee, about our vision for growth, looking to develop 50 new groups in the next 5 years, and to hear further wonderful testimonies from Claire and Iain showing how God is using CR to bring hope to different situations.

We were also blessed to have Mark and Julie Macklin from Purpose Driven UK on hand for advice about the many Celebrate Recovery resources on sale.

It was certainly a day to remember, and our Celebrate Recovery UK family has just got a little bigger!

Take a look back at some of our previous conferences

Celebrate Recovery in the UK has hosted Conferences for many years. The conclusion we always reach after the event is of happy, shared times, where God’s blessing has been truly apparent. The highlights of recent conferences would be too numerous to list, but we’ve tried to provide a flavour here of events held over the years.

In 2006 we held our first Celebrate Recovery UK conference, input being received from from Dave Dent (as guest speaker) and a small team from the US. Seeds were sown at this time for the beginning of our UK growth strategy; taking Celebrate Recovery to every area of the UK. 

The 2012 Conference saw significant growth in Celebrate Recovery in the UK. We had the privilege of John and Cheryl Baker being with us and sharing during the conference. This was a time of great blessing to us.  John and Cheryl Baker are the founders of Celebrate Recovery and first started Celebrate Recovery in Saddleback, USA, in 1991.

We held our first online Celebrate Recovery UK Conference, ‘Come on a Journey’, in October 2021. This huge team effort included six testimonies shared by participants in the main sessions, and 12 seminars led by Ministry Leaders from around the UK. Our guest speaker was Richard Cobb, Celebrate Recovery’s International Field Director, who not only pre-recorded his interview for us but also joined us live from Alabama, US. Around 90 people attended and the conference feedback was very positive. The team’s effort to make pre-recorded videos means we now have 12 recordings of very varied seminars which are a great resource for events going into 2022.

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