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For 24 years I have struggled to make myself happy in my marriage. I have manipulated and tried to manage my husband’s every move or thought process in order fix him. I know best, therefore I need to manage how we should both live together …. This is true insanity.
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I was a compulsive fixer. Rather than face my own issues I would rather sort someone else out. I could think of lots of ways of solving other people’s problems adding anecdotes from past experience.
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My safety net was prescription drugs and alcohol. I was suffering from low self esteem, depression, lacked confidence and had addiction. I constantly worried about my future and that of my family. I was not coping well with the stresses and strains of everyday life and was continually in a state of anxiety.
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Gordon Glover is 80, a perfect gentleman and a retired chartered quantity surveyor. He is also a recovering alcoholic who used to drink up to 15 bottles of red wine a week.
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Before I came to Celebrate Recovery I was living in a place where I was not content with my life and was always reaching out to someone or something to fix my feelings and make my life perfect. I found comfort in relationships with a partner but more than that I found an identity with them that meant I did not feel complete without them.
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My name is Jane. I’m a believer recovering from childhood sexual, emotional and physical abuse. I gave my life to Jesus eight years ago, on fire for the Lord. I then found the fire going out because God was revealing issues in my life that needed to be dealt with going way back into childhood.
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