Celebrate Recovery Launched in Latvia November 15 – 19, 2010

report by Joe Walters

photo of Riga
True Freedom being sown in Latvian seedbeds!

Mighty trees from tiny acorns grow. The smallest of seeds can become the most fruitful of plants. One such tiny seed has just culminated in a week long trip to Latvia in which we were able to share in the launch of Celebrate Recovery in that nation. You can read about the birth of that seed here.

Ista Briviba!

“Celebrate Recovery” does not translate well into Latvian so the Latvian leaders have called it “Ista Briviba” which means ‘True Freedom’. The significance of launching the ministry during this week in November is that the 18th is a National Holiday called “Freedom Day” in which they celebrate an independent Latvia! Our prayer is that this week has been a seedbed to plant the vision of Celebrate Recovery in the hearts of Latvian Christian Leaders and that this seed will strike and grow and become a source of true freedom to the men and women of Latvia who are currently held captive by compulsive and addictive behaviours.

Chuck Kelley

An International Team

The Lord had assembled an international team of players, ordinary men and women struggling with their own issues.

Chuck Kelley is a Latvian American and is the founder and leader of Bridge Builders International. They build “living bridges into Latvia, in Latvia and from Latvia”, vital human relationships between God’s people. Chuck had never heard of Celebrate Recovery until personal family circumstances sent him looking for a recovery ministry. He met Bill Specht, also from Oregon, USA, who is a full time drug and alcohol counsellor and passionate advocate for Celebrate Recovery.

Meanwhile, stage left, the Lord visited Katie Roth, an English missionary serving in Latvia in a dream. He showed her that Celebrate Recovery was to be a major part of her future ministry to that nation. She had never heard of it until the evening before!

Unknown to all these people the Lord visited an English CR group in prayer and gave them a word about Latvia. One thing led to another and we all had the privilege of serving during a full week of seminars.

The tag team

Katie Roth, Bill Specht and Joe Walters, the ‘tag team’, shared the teaching for the first 5 sessions of the 3 day seminar before the cavalry arrived in the shape of Tony and Val from Derby in England.
Tony and Val

Tony is the UK and European Director for CR and is passionate about spreading it everywhere he gets the opportunity.

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