Could you contribute to the work of Celebrate Recovery UK?

People carry damage from past mistakes and from experiences where they have been a victim. Deep-rooted issues can leave individuals feeling there is nowhere to turn… Celebrate Recovery offers hope, help and healing for anyone seeking freedom from their hurts, hang-ups and habits by pointing them to Jesus Christ and biblical recovery principles.

Celebrate Recovery UK seeks to equip and train UK churches – across all denominations – to launch and maintain their own Celebrate Recovery groups.

Your Generous Giving helps us to:

Provide training to CR UK representatives and UK Ministry Leaders and teams to make a difference in your local Church 
Meet costs for CR UK marketing, Conference hosting, and key travel/accommodation for our volunteers for CR UK work
Ensure that the God inspired ministry, started in Saddleback, USA continues its work in the UK
Identify and support CR UK regional representatives to offer support and guidance to both new and established groups
Provide for vital, part-time administration support
Allow CR UK to reach a wider audience across the UK
Produce promotional and testimonial resources for a UK audience 

Celebrate Recovery UK receives no external funding and requires funds to continue to develop and grow this amazing ministry in unreached parts of the UK. Celebrate Recovery groups always operate as ministries of local churches. Through a wide range of seminars, conferences and resources, the work of Celebrate Recovery UK assists established groups to develop and also encourages new groups to get started.

A small monthly payment or one off gift would really help grow Celebrate Recovery and to spread the word across the UK. A regular contribution of £3, £5 or £10 will make a real difference.

Thank you for helping Celebrate Recovery UK in this way.

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Recovery from Depression & Rejection

by Sue & Andy

Here is how Celebrate Recovery helps the people it’s working for:

“I was in despair following an abortion.
I’d planned my suicide. CR has saved my life!”

“Following childhood abuse I ‘coped’ through sexual promiscuity, binge drinking and drug abuse. CR has
helped me to look to God for healing and the power to change.”

“There has been a real change to the way I deal with other people and my marriage is now stronger – there is a future.”

“CR has been my lifeline! No longer do I feel isolated. I feel listened to and cared for!”

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