The Celebrate Recovery Trademark Statement

DNA of Celebrate Recovery


Celebrate Recovery desires to be a network of like-minded, Bible-based, Christ-centered recovery ministries. This growing network crosses denominational and cultural boundaries to help hurting people in our churches and communities.

There are many benefits of using the Celebrate Recovery name. Here are just a few:


Your ministry is part of an international movement to bring Christ-centered, Bible-based recovery to the world. As a genuine Celebrate Recovery ministry, you join a network of thousands of other local Celebrate Recovery ministries reaching people for Christ. At the same time, you are helping others break free from their hurts, hang-ups, and habits.


Your ministry has the support and partnership of the Celebrate Recovery National Team, as well as assistance from your Regional Directors and State Reps. These individuals work to help your ministry succeed.


Your ministry has access to the materials and resources from Saddleback Church that are proven and invaluable tools in recovery.


Your ministry is validated in your church and community by being associated with Celebrate Recovery.


Any Celebrate Recovery ministry that is adhering to the DNA of an authentic Celebrate Recovery is listed with the other Celebrate Recovery programs on the official Celebrate Recovery website.

It is our desire for each local Celebrate Recovery ministry to have a clear and consistent character that identifies it as a genuine part of the Celebrate Recovery movement. At the same time, each ministry maintains its own creative distinctions of its local ministry and church.

Our desire is that no matter where a Newcomer attends a Celebrate Recovery meeting, they will experience the same quality content and program to find God’s healing from their hurts, hang-ups, and habits.


In a desire to protect the integrity of the broader ministry, Celebrate Recovery requires that if you use the Celebrate Recovery name, the following are an irreducible minimum of your program.

The DNA of an authentic Celebrate Recovery Ministry

1. Jesus Christ is the one and only Higher Power. The program is a Christ-centered ministry.

2. The Bible* and Celebrate Recovery curriculum consisting of the Celebrate Recovery Program KitLeader’s GuideThe Journey BeginsThe Journey ContinuesAdvanced Leadership Training KitCelebrate Recovery LessonsCelebrate Recovery Program BundleYour First Steps to Celebrate RecoveryLife’s Healing ChoicesThe Road to FreedomCelebrate Recovery Daily DevotionalCelebrate Recovery Devotional BookletCelebrate Recovery JournalCelebrate Recovery Prayer JournalTestimonies to GoTestimonies to Go: Special Edition with John and Cheryl BakerNever Let GoSenior Pastor Support DVDWorship DVDsCelebrate Recovery Words DVDCelebrate Recovery Visual KitThe Landing, and Celebration Place are to be used exclusively. The Large Group lessons are taught from the Leader’s Guide, keeping at least the acrostic and the Scriptures as the key points in the lessons. This is to keep consistency within groups, allowing teachers to be creative with the introduction and conclusion of each lesson.

3. The ministry is “group based.” All groups are gender-specific and “The Five Small Group Guidelines” are implemented and followed every time.

4. No Celebrate Recovery online groups are permitted. Face-to-face meetings only. Also no CR lessons are to be posted online via Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or any other public forum as this is a copyright violation.

5. We expect each group to be accountable to Christ, the local church, and the model of Celebrate Recovery established at Saddleback Church.

6. Celebrate Recovery is a ministry of the local church. Therefore, Celebrate Recovery will not attempt to dictate any doctrine or policy to a local church. A local Celebrate Recovery ministry should follow the policies of their local church and continue to be grateful for their continued support.

A church or organization may decide to use Celebrate Recovery curriculum and mix it with other materials, or programs. This is certainly up to their discretion. HOWEVER, they are prohibited from using the Celebrate Recovery name.

Items produced for commercial sale using the Celebrate Recovery name or any part of the Celebrate Recovery curriculums is strictly prohibited. This is a trademark and copyright violation.

*We strongly encourage the use of the Celebrate Recovery Study Bible. It is the only Bible that directly corresponds to the Celebrate Recovery curriculum. We designed the Celebrate Recovery Study Bible to work with the resources developed and tested in the national and international ministry of Celebrate Recovery.