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 Standing Order Form


We would love you to help us by contributing financially to the work of Celebrate Recovery in the UK. If you would like to set up a standing order please complete this form and send it to your bank.


To the Manager:

Bank: ______________________________________




Dear Sir,

Please pay to:

Barclays Bank Plc, Derby Branch, P.O. Box 202, Derby DE1 9NT for the credit of the account, Celebrate Recovery UK.


The sum of: ______________________________


Sort Code: 20-25-85        Account Number: 63796671


Payments are to commence on ______________________ and continue monthly thereafter.


Account Name:       ______________________________


Account Number:   ______________________________


Signed:                      ______________________________


Date:                          ______________________________

Celebrate Recovery UK

Advertisement of a Standing Order


To set up a standing order, please complete the ‘Standing Order Form’ and send it to your bank.


This page is for Celebrate Recovery UK records. When you set up a standing order with your bank, it would help us if you would please provide your information below and return this page to this address:


FAO Tony Turner

The Riverside Centre

Riverside Court

Pride Park


DE24 8HY






For Office information only:


Name:            ____________________________________________ Address:        ____________________________________________

____________________________________________                         ____________________________________________





Bank/Building Society:                  ______________________________


Amount per month:                      ______________________________


Date of 1st Payment:                     ______________________________